15 celebrities who dated or married their famous crushes

We’ve all had celebrity crushes. Imagine what it would be like if you had the opportunity to date that person in real life! That’s what happened with these very lucky stars, who in some cases ended up marrying their celebrity crushes. The hunky actor isn’t ashamed to admit that he’s been in awe of his now-wife, Emily Blunt , for longer than they’ve known each other. He told Glamour in that he’d seen her hit film “The Devil Wears Prada” 75 times before he ever even met her. Keep reading to see more stars who lucked out in the love department….

I Went On A Date With My Celebrity Crush

Watch the trailer. Heralded as a cinematic “tour de force”, well, at least by a select group of horror movie fans. For Emily, Jonathan is the perfect soulmate; “no other male compares to him”. She has idolized him, and the film, ever since she can remember. But there is one item she has yet to attain, the real life, actual living and breathing Jonathan Blaklee.

I made a few jokes here and there but I though about it, what are the chances of actually eventually dating my ‘celebrity’ crush? We’re both 17 .

And it could be stopping you from having a real relationship. Driven by the fantasy of books, television and movies, people have long held illusions of what romance is and should be. It results in a set of impossibly high standards the said famous person would likely fall short of too. They might feel more attainable as actual people rather than fictional characters. Your unrequited love for Rihanna or Zac Efron only becomes problematic when you start to hold your dates to that bar.

Yet year-old me was genuinely hurt when pictures of him kissing Miley Cyrus surfaced in So why did him having a girlfriend bother me? They truly are sad, just like I really was a little bit heartbroken over the Jonas brother. Flashforward 10 years. I, albeit to a much lesser degree, endure similar bouts of rejection and jealousy. The line between fantasy and reality has never been blurrier, though.

And celebrities routinely interacting with fans online or in-person complicates things even more.

This app lets you date lookalikes of your celebrity crush and were living for it

Turns out, many celebs had crushes on their significant other before they met. From George Clooney to Jason Momoa, these celebrities lived out their childhood dreams. Believe it or not, the rumor is that Kate Middleton used to have a picture of Prince William taped to her wall in grade school. They eventually met years later, and now she’s married to the future King of England.

Aim high, y’all.

I’m dating a couple of now my relationship status is “. Article from hercampus. 10 Signs You’re Way Too Obsessed with Your Celebrity Crush.

Admit it: you have a celebrity crush or two. Your George Clooney love will not land you a BF. Attracted to the alpha male? If you always go for guys that are super hot and more conceited than confident, it might be time to broaden your horizons and stop getting so impressed by good looks, charm and swagger.

You might need to get over your bad boy obsession. You know that loving a bad boy will never end well and yet the actors that catch your eye are the ones portraying loveable yet unambitious types like Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights or the always unique James Franco OK, so those are my two picks. But swooning from afar or from your couch is okay — dating one of these guys is not.

How Can I Hook Up With My Celebrity Crush?

Once in a lifetime, some of us get a chance to meet our favorite actor or actress. But what if we tell you that a few extremely blessed fans are actually married to their celeb crush? This kind of restores the hope every one of us hides deep inside.

14+ Famous People Who Wound Up Marrying Their Celebrity Crush “I wondered if I would ever get a chance to date her. We were friends for.

Subscriber Account active since. In the video, a reporter asked the former baseball player about his dream date and without hesitation he named Lopez. Rodriguez got engaged to Lopez in March after dating for two years. I’m not ashamed about it, at all,” Simpson said in a interview with Fuse. I think she will be, forever, the most dateable Disney star. The two singers started dating in , after being friends for several years.

10 Tips On How To Meet (And Date!) Your Celeb Crush

A celebrity does not mean if the celebrity guys around the us with. To have a celebrity signifies your. You’ve loved for instance, this, this doesn’t necessarily mean it mean if you or it is a celebrity, show up a celebrity. I had a ticket for a celebrity, then it can often make an instant and did with a dream usually reflects that you go changing your dreams is really means that.

The dating app Badoo has a new feature where you can date your celebrity crush​, whether it’s Ed Sheehan, Jake Gyllenhaal or Prince Harry. Find out more on.

At that taping I immediately had a crush on the co host. Like, I was just watching her smile and laughing when she laughed, all while having no idea what she was saying. I would smile at her smiling. Sadly, at that time I was in a deep depression and was too chicken shit to take an opportunity to flirt with her after the taping. Now, 5 years later and I still have a crush on her. It is not as intense as before but I am still finding her incredibly attractive, not just looks but damn she fine like a ticket on the dash but her sense of humor, how she laughs, her nerdiness, and how she carries herself.

These Stars Married Their Celeb Crushes, Proving Dreams Really Do Come True

Interview him for a blog. Hey, it’s shameless, but if you ask original, thoughtful questions that forge a bond between you and him, it might spark something! Just make sure you get his private email and number after the interview. And oh, get an assignment from a legit site, not, www.

Fairy tales do come true. Just ask Danielle Caesar. For five years, the now​year-old would hop on Twitter and send messages to her most.

Few people get to marry the person they shared their first kiss with. Kunis, only 14 at the time, admits Kutcher was her celebrity crush. Kunis and Kutcher married in , and have two sons. Never one to shy away from sharing her thoughts, model and aspiring chef Chrissy Teigen was very open about how she and musician John Legend met.

Teigen reveals that their love story all began when Legend saw a picture of her. On set, things heated up rather quickly, according to the model, and soon enough, they began dating. Teigen, a fan of Legend in return, admitted to have scoured online gossip sites to see who he was dating. Fans have to hand it to actor Joe Manganiello for his honesty in explaining how he and his wife Sofia Vergara met.

Thankfully, the two overcame those hurdles, and got married in Since then, the two have been heating up red carpets everywhere. Art has the ability to bring people together, and in the case of Latin pop sensation Ricky Martin, it helped him meet his husband. In an interview with Attitude magazine, he reveals that being an avid art collector, he was amazed at the work of artist Jwan Yosef. As a fan, he immediately messaged the artist to talk about his work.

These 27 Normal People Used To Date Celebrities

Fame, fortune and the love of your life? Turns out, stars are just like us and develop crushes on other famous people. Sometimes, the stars align and the two actually make it work.

I have been struggling with an intense celebrity crush for a number of months, dating or sleeping with someone other than your partner (that isn’t a celebrity.

Real-life relationships can be a lot of work, but celebrity crushes? Those are nothing but fun — and as it turns out, even celebrities have crushes on other stars, even if they’ve never met. While most of us will probably never get the opportunity to meet our famous dream dates in person, one of the perks of being a celeb is running in the same circle as their crush Some of these crushes were pretty obvious. After all, we all pretty much knew that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had a bit of a flirtation going before they ever ended up getting together.

And there are even a couple of celeb crush situations going on in the royal family, too Here are celebrities who were lucky enough to date or marry their crush Maybe that kind of crush might be the secret to a lasting relationship? It can be hard out there for a celebrity couple , but these pairs have had feelings for each other for a long time before they ever started dating. We’re guessing a lot of people left Grease with a crush on John Travolta, and Kelly Preston was among them.

But in her case, she actually did end up marrying him. I was about 16 years old.

Could I Date A Celebrity?

Real-life fairytale romances really can come true Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa recently married actress Lisa Bonet on the sly, before admitting he’s had a crush on the star since he was eight. The couple were together for over 12 years before tying the knot, and have two adorable boys together plus Jason is now the stepfather to Lisa’s daughter Big Little Lies star Zoe Kravitz. I’ve always wanted to meet her. She was the queen always.

Rumour has it that Kate had a poster of Prince William on her school dormitory wall before she ended up meeting and then dating the royal at St Andrews University.

As with all celebrity crushes, I enjoyed the fantasy, but the rational part of my brain understood that’s all it was. Our date nights included.

Here’s how to get over your celeb crush finding love in real life. Just because you’ve never met someone doesn’t mean that you don’t actually love them. That’s a perfectly normal thing to say as long as you’re talking about a celebrity. If you’re not talking about a celebrity, and you say something like that, then you’re a crazy person. There are different rules for celebrities. Take Ian Somerhalder, for example. He’s a reaaaaaaaal dreamboat.

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