Car clinic: how your sat-navs keep you up to date

We stopped in this hotel in March 14 on the way back from Spain. The sat nav had a problem as the ‘new’ tram system cut the route to the hotel off. Overall a good stop over, parking was a problem as you have to enter the car park at the other end of the block, so as a first time visitor, got to the front door and then had to get out again. We had a free breakfast that was good continental. We had a meal in the Vietnamese restaurant Turned left and proceeded along the street the restaurant was on the right hand side of the street, not a very nice night so we did not go further. Another Mercure Hotel we spent three nights at. The people at the front desk were great! These kids were so pleasant and fun to talk to. Their recommendation were spot on.

Is There Any Point In Sat Nav Systems Any More?

If you have a device purchased prior to , it is possible it did not come with free map updates. This process is painless, straightforward and the cheapest solution. For this reason alone, it might be worth considering upgrading you device altogether with a new device. While it is a basic unit, it has free lifetime map updates and also supports Eircodes.

What’s the best free sat-nav app for smartphones? sufficient amount of space on your phone and an up-to-date app, the navigation functions.

The abundance of smartphones has caused many drivers to turn to their handheld devices in favour of standalone car sat-navs — either built in or aftermarket models. We explore the pros and cons of each. Providing you have a sufficient amount of space on your phone and an up-to-date app, the navigation functions are often just as good as a dedicated sat-nav unit. They may even be better at pinpointing your location, because smartphones can use local cell towers to improve their GPS signals.

Your phone will have to be connected to the internet to receive the live information and traffic services common to navigation devices, but many popular apps have an offline mapping function, so they can get you where you need to go without an internet signal. More than anything, a smartphone is something that pretty much everybody already owns, so using it as a navigation device is cheaper than specifying sat-nav as a solitary option on a new car, or buying a dedicated aftermarket unit.

Premium models of a certain size are almost guaranteed to have it, too. Buyers expect sat-nav to be included with upper-end models and would likely turn their noses up at a luxury model without it. Smartphones are definitely the cheapest and easiest way of accessing a navigation service, because almost everyone has one and they all come with some sort of mapping function. If you regularly rely on a navigation service, spend a lot of time on the road and find yourself frequently stuck in traffic jams, then a proper sat-nav could be a good investment.

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Up-to-date map data will ensure the Satellite Navigation in the SYNC connectivity system provides the most accurate and, if selected, most efficient route.

We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies. You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. So after 1, weeks, the system resets to zero. However, if you have an older sat nav, you may experience a loss of timing functionality. This means not only the time and date, but also estimated time of arrival at your destination.

Affected devices may not simply stop working instantly, but could exhibit inaccuracies and a loss of functionality as time progresses, depending on firmware. The GPS system relies on precise timing data to operate accurately, so even the smallest inconsistency and result in large location errors. Avoid complicated software updates with a smartphone sat nav app. If you registered your device when you bought it, you may have already been contacted by your sat nav manufacturer.

TomTom has launched an update website. Customers can find out whether their devices are affected, and download software patches. You can update both portable devices and in-built car systems supplied by the company fitted to selected Renault and Smart models. A spokesperson for TomTom said that a very limited number of devices over eight years old are unable to be fixed.

Sat nav could not find!! with up to date maps – Review of Mercure Tours Centre Gare

TomTom N. Founded in and headquartered in Amsterdam , TomTom released its first generation of satellite navigation devices to market in As of [update] the company has over 4, employees worldwide and operations in 29 countries throughout Europe , Asia-Pacific , and the Americas.

In order to keep your sat nav up-to-date and manage all your content and services, you must have either MyDrive Connect or TomTom HOME installed on your.

We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies. You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. We found wild variations between the prices paid from dealership to dealership too. But when paying out for a brand new car and a built-in sat nav as an added extra, you would expect your brand new device to be as up to date as possible, right?

We heard from one of our members who found the exact opposite to be true. On the way home from the garage they used a new bypass, but according to their sat nav, they were driving through fields. Many new standalone devices from big brands, such as Garmin and TomTom, include free map updates for the lifetime of the device. Have you experienced a similar situation when buying a new car?

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Your personal information is stored in the central Volskwagen ID portal and can be viewed and changed there. The time is now. You can download the latest version of your navigation map from this site to ensure that your Navi System sat nav system is always up to date.

Looking for the most up to date maps and navigation system for your SEAT SUV, family car, or hatchback? Find all SEAT car sat nav updates here.

A few weeks later, when driving on a bypass between two motorway junctions, I saw that my satellite navigation system was showing that I was passing through fields. I bought a brand new car, which means that the satellite navigation system should also be current. Read more. Home About What is an Ombudsman? As such, there was no repair to be done under the vehicle warranty. The consumer disagreed with this outcome, as they felt that what they were asking for was reasonable i.

The complaint was referred to the ombudsman for a final decision. The only relationship between the consumer and the manufacturer is the warranty, and it is there to repair any manufacturing defects. The ombudsman explained that the consumer could complain to their selling dealership, as they supplied the vehicle to the consumer and are responsible for its overall quality.

Against the manufacturer however, no award could be made to the customer. Working together with The Motor Ombudsman is approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, is a member of the Ombudsman Association, and works closely with the following professional bodies.

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A navigation system is more or less essential equipment for any modern motorist — after all, who wants to read a map when a computer will do it for you? Built-in navigation systems are expensive, though, leaving many motorists little option but to get an aftermarket system. But with so many options across such a broad price range, what do you pick?

Here is our run down of ten options, ranging from free to rather expensive. The Nuvi 42 is one of the simplest navigation units Garmin offers, providing the very basics and nothing more. It includes speed camera locations where legal, plus it has a lane assistance function to help pick the correct lane when leaving a motorway or approaching a large roundabout.

Dougie told us he was therefore shocked to find it came with a sat-nav system pre​-loaded with three-year-old maps. “I realised this soon after.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the satnav’s best years are behind it. Why not let your smartphone do the job? And while a smartphone can make a brilliant satnav, the latest dedicated devices have big screens, clear interfaces and excellent audio, making them ideal for in-car use. In many cases, their GPS is more reliable, too. The key thing is easy operation and the best satnavs make it as easy as possible to find your destination, pick a route and locate nearby amenities; we all need food, lodging or a petrol station when on the road from time to time.

Of course, having a screen in the car can be a distraction, so the interfaces are designed to minimise driver interaction and many now include voice controls that save you using the touchscreen quite so often although in our experience, accuracy leaves much to be desired. They use this data with its maps to plan a route to your destination, then track your progress along it, providing directions on when and where you need to turn, change lanes or take a specific roundabout exit. They might also use visual cues to help you, like suggesting that you turn after a landmark, like a church.

The big manufacturers monitor traffic on major roads and proactively send warnings so you can avoid any major hold-ups while you plan or even as you drive. Speed camera alerts are another useful bonus, though you may have to pay a subscription to keep them up to date. Others use your mobile connection for live traffic updates or will display text message notifications on the satnav screen.

Best sat nav 2020: including TomTom, Garmin and more

Skip to main content Sat Nav Europe. Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days. Better than TomTom! This has its quirks, but it’s miles better than the last TomTom I owned which was slow to find satellites, the firmware was dreadful and the update software frustrating as hell. With the Garmin Drive 51LMT-S the firmware is snappy and responsive and the updating seems to work fine, if a little slow to tell you what’s going on sometimes.

I bought this for a European road trip, and the fact you get free UK and European map updates for life where the TomTom kept telling me my maps were 49 months out of date was a definite plus.

Older cars may come with a dated, hard-to-use satnav that probably won’t have access to the latest maps. And while a smartphone can make a.

There are many free sat-nav apps for smartphones, but they work off your mobile phone data so it may be better to rely on a dedicated sat-nav unit. Big names such as Garmin and TomTom offer cheap sat-nav options alongside their higher-priced units, so finding the right system for you can be tricky. The most up-to-date models are sat-navs with live traffic data. They do this by not simply taking you via the most direct route, but by detecting traffic jams and speed cameras to help eliminate wasted time in traffic or accruing fines.

We used a standard route mixing busy city driving and faster A-roads. Clear mapping was key, as were easy-to-follow voice commands. For live devices, we wanted traffic-busting advice and clever shortcuts. Other features such as speed camera alerts were taken into account. Price was the final factor. The TomTom GO is clearly the best sat-nav here. The TomTom GO features the best map layout. Many of the buildings are in 3D and the colours make it simple to follow directions, even at a glance, while the automatic zoom ensures navigating busy junctions and roundabouts is easy.

The TomTom was the only device in our test to spot all roadworks and congestion, highlighting hold-ups in a sidebar.

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