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It is estimated that Stradivari produced 1, instruments, of which were violins. Around instruments survived, including to violins. Antonio Stradivari’s birthdate, presumably between and , has been debated amongst historians due to the numerous inconsistencies in the evidence of the latter. The and censuses report him actually growing younger, a fact explained by the probable loss of statistics from —49, when renewed belligerency between France’s Modenese and Spain’s Milanese proxies led to a flow of refugees that included Stradivari’s mother. Stradivari’s ancestry consisted of notable citizens of Cremona , dating back to at least the 12th or 13th century. The earliest mention of the family name, or a variation upon it, is in a land grant dating from

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Their importance is considered equal to those of the Bergonzi , Guarneri , and Stradivari families. Andrea Amati c. He standardized the basic form, shape, size, materials and method of construction. The first violin was ordered by Lorenzo de’ Medici in His letter to Amati stated the instrument was to be “made of the highest quality materials like that of a lute, but simple to play”. What became of this first violin is not known.

A number of his instruments survived for some time, dating between Amati made the first Cello called “The King” in [1] [ clarification needed ] and Of these 38 instruments ordered, Amati created violins of two sizes, violas of two sizes and large-sized cellos. They were in use until the French revolution of and only 14 of these instruments survived. His work is marked by selection of the finest materials, great elegance in execution, soft clear amber, soft translucent varnish, and an in depth use of acoustic and geometrical principles in design.

Andrea Amati was succeeded by his sons Antonio Amati c. He was the most eminent of the family.

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Every week I find myself working with clients with the hope that they have found a genuine Stradivarius violin. They seek my expert advice, and ask me to help them understand what they have really found in their attic. For any experienced violin maker or restorer it takes one second to know a real Stradivarius from an average copy.

And as you can imagine it would not be written in German or English.

I think the violin dates to about `s—-Thanks, Jack. Reply ↓ The case is wooden & the violin & case are in good shape. How can I find.

Similarly to the violin, the structure of bows has evolved over the centuries. The early bows date back to the Byzantine Empire of the mid fifth century. These primitive bows were convex like an archery bow. Initially, they were crudely made with the horsehair being fastened directly to the stick with little thought to tension.

Then prior to the Baroque era, the frog was a curved piece of wood attached to the bow that only acted as a kind of rail to guide the hair and keep it separate from the stick. The thumb was used to place tension on the bow while playing.

Violin Cases

A world record auction price for a violin was set at Christie’s in London last month. But how much is that fiddle worth that your father used to play? The first warning is: don’t trust the label.

Violin Maker: Nicolò Amati (Cremona Cremona) Date: Geography: GL K-​Series violin case with Pentagon Trim (green denim cloth exterior with.

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DE202008010408U1 – Violin case or viola case – Google Patents

Most of those protective covers are slipped over a case and closed on top by a slide fastener. The latter can however be closed up to the projecting handle of the case only and thus usually two slide fasteners, one at the left and one at the right are used, to close the cover up to the handle, but leave the space below the same open. A fiap, attached at one edge or side of the cover at the correct place, fitting under the handle, usually hides and covers this open slot in the cover.

Suitcases are made mostly in certain predetermined sizes with the handles arranged at the longitudinal center. Thus covers made for that particular known size will have the flap automatically at the correct spot and dealers can carry such protective covers in stock knowing the flap will always fit under the handle.

Some of the old violin cases have patent dates on the latches or handle brackets, which will at least let you know the case is newer than that.

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Read our guide, best of lists, and buy the case that will safeguard that little wooden investment. The Gewa has a long history, dating back to German.

This of course is common knowledge to most string players. How could he have had time for that, since by most accounts he built an astonishing 1, instruments, including guitars, mandolins and even harps? Many people imagine Stradivari as a gaunt, solitary figure, curved over his workbench in flickering candlelight, carefully carving an elegant scroll; or thoughtfully examining a finished work again in regal privacy, as depicted in the famous painting by Hammand.

The less romantic fact is that Antonio did not build his violins all by himself from start to finish. In reality, Antonio managed a well-staffed atelier that allowed him the necessary time and freedom to research improvements and to travel to select materials, and was very successful at it. Stradivari was a perfectionist, and in this context it makes sense that he would have wanted to safely house his instruments during their long and often perilous journey to the new owner, especially in consideration of the high prices he was fetching.

He would not have wanted his instruments to arrive in less than perfect condition, or presented in a haphazard fashion to King or nobleman who had commissioned them. And yet, the problem with identifying a case by Stradivari is that, except very rarely, the cases are unlabelled.

W.E. Hill & Sons: The Golden Period of Violin Cases

It could be argued that the golden-period violin cases were made by Stradivari but an equally powerful argument could be made for those created by W. These were the years when the firm occupied premises at 38 New Bond Street in London and was consolidating its victory over Paris as the premier world center for the high-end violin business. This was truly an era of elegance, opulence, and clients desirous of the best that money could buy.

In those years, W. Both were for single violins but differed in shape and concept.

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You won’t be going anywhere with your violin without first purchasing a violin case. Read our guide, best of lists, and buy the case that will safeguard that little wooden investment. What is the very next thing you need after buying a violin and bow? If you guessed violin case, then you are correct. Ask any violin maker or retailer just how important good cases are, and they will likely reply with, “Vital, invaluable, and just as important as good health insurance”.

This is because they know how irreplaceable, and yet breakable violins are. Directly below you will find our ‘Best O’f List. Further down you will find some excellent leisure reading material that also happens to be very informative and exciting. By the time you finish reading this you will have a strong ‘case’ for getting a good ‘case’.